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Alternate Existence

I am 22 years old. I have no memory of my parents as a child and no idea who or where they might be. I lived with an older woman when I was younger but even that didn’t last. She passed me on to foster care and I bounced from one family to another like a pinball until an incident caused that dismal little game to crash, to an end.
The day of the incident I left and never turned back.

Then one day a man gave me a way out of my crummy existence to a better life, or not?
What is the catch I keep asking myself to this better life? Let's find out...‚Äč

Developers notes:
Story driven Visual Novel with main focus on story and character development. Dialogue and some options to do different paths will be included. Some free roam elements that will mainly be eye candy and may sometimes be part of the story.

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Content Changed

Official Incest patch to AE. Note each episode will need a new/different patch.

Patch Instructions

Remove everything before the "s" s?e?.rpy file name.
Place in /game folder and overwrite the file it asks to overwrite. Keep previous patched rpy files and add to your new game download.
NOTE: Always backup the original rpy file before replacing and never delete the .rpyc with similar name.

Download v0.1 Patch