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Apartment #69

You play as a 20 year old freelance programmer and a college student who has just bought their first very own apartment. The apartment #69. Guide him through the challenges he'll face in trying to get his dick wet, including family drama, jealousy and the such

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Content Changed

Changes characters relationships to how they used to be.
Adds Evelyn and Millie content

Patch Instructions

On pc, merge the "game" folder from the patch with the one found in a69's directory

On mac, do essentially the same, but I don't think merging is a thing on mac's so you'll have to get the image files separately from the 001images folder, to the one found in a69's directory, paste the "patch.renpy" file in to the "game" folder (the one with .rpy files and such)

Download v0.01.1 Patch