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Deadlocked in Time

This is the story of a boy who no longer appreciates life, after which his father sent him from private school to public, everything just changed for him.
As a result, he is bullied by his classmates, his grades are so bad that even his future is in danger, and he is constantly skipping school.
The only people who get along with him are his friends and girlfriend who, like him, have no interest in school and share the same views.....

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Content Changed

Incest DLC - Rename Roommate/Landlady to Sister/Mom **show previous version**
Loli DLC - Opens Loli Path

Android Port CH5 0.4 Part 1 (All Patches preactivated) (WT Included from the66, read the changelog ingame)

Patch Instructions

Unzip the Archive, copy the DLCs to your Dit/game folder

Download Deadlocked Part 1 Loli DLC Patch


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