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Elvensang is a story about a young elf raised alone by his mother in a human world that regards elves with scorn and hostility. The setting is inspired by the early medieval period with low fantasy elements. It is a ruthless, everchanging place that constantly puts one's morality to the test, and it will be up to you to decide whether the story plays out as a tender romantic drama or a descent into the depths of malice and depravity.‚Äč

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Content Changed

The Incest Mod provides additional lore-friendly content between Anasteya and the MC.
There are currently no sex scenes, only cuddling, nudity and a bit of groping.

Patch Instructions

Extract the content of the zip file into your /game directory (on Mac, this is in Elvensang.app\Contents\Resources\autorun\game).
Keep in mind for the future that this patch must be downloaded again after every update of the game.

Download Episode 4 (modversion 4) Patch

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