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ImoTsuyo: If it's for my young sister, I'll be stronger.

After her mother's death, Hana Aochi went into a deep shock leaving her expressionless, does not laugh or cry.
But keep saying and doing what she want as she was before. Saigo, her older brother, has been taking care of her ever since.
He wants to get his young sister back to normal, but it won't be an easy task.‚Äč

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Content Changed

Add the ages of the underage characters in the library.
Add incest dialogues and CGs.
Add information with incest content in the relationship menu in the library.
Add incest tag of future tags in Changelog.

Patch Instructions

Copy the cnrt.rpa file inside the "game" folder next to the "bg" folder and archive.rpa

Download v0.15 Patch

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