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My Sister's Devious Plot

You play a 20-year-old whose father has been missing for six months and is presumed dead by almost everyone else. You know otherwise, as he is not an easy man to kill. You are determined to find him, or at least what happened to him, all while you are doing everything in your power to care for your younger sister and keep her happy.
Little do you know, your sister has been working on a devious plot that will help bring numerous other girls into your life. Between taking care of your sister, the needs of these new girls, and your investigation into your father's disappearance, you will eventually begin to find out the reason for her plot.]
[Developer notes: This game will never have NTR or sharing (with other males). There will be choices, but none in the early game. Also, I hope to improve my hardware to allow me to make higher quality renders if the game is successful so that the overall quality of the visuals improves.

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Content Changed

Adds back in any blacked out scenes from Celeste that were removed to be approved on certain sites.

ANDROID version

Patch Instructions

Unzip into the games folder. The "game" folder in the patch should overwrite a few files in the "game" folder inside the directory you installed the unpatched game.

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