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Mystwood Manor

In Mystwood Manor you play as a young adult who finds himself in charge of a very old and mysterious hotel, due to some “unexpected” events.

You will hire, train and manage your staff, build new facilities and upgrade your hotel to meet your customers’ demands. Each girl on your staff will have her own unique personality and backstory.
As you progress each of their storylines you will find out more about them and get to know them inside and out...

Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of Mystwood, while running and growing your hotel business? Get ready for a new adventure, filled with dark secrets, shocking plot twists and most of all, lots and lots of hot, steamy sex!

New updates are being released every month!

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Content Changed

Changes Julia to mother and Amber to sister.

Patch Instructions

Just copy the mapping file to the (root) game directory.

Download v1.0.0 Patch