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No More Secrets

The game is a Graphic Adventure Game with a twisted story.
The main purpose of the player will be to find out what everybody hides. Everybody has secrets and your job is to find them. Some characters have big secrets while other not so big.

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Content Changed

The incest patch will create a quest which will reveal Jeane's secret. This secret will be that she's the real mother of the MC.

Patch Instructions

This is the incest patch for No More Secrets by RoyalCandy.
The patch is compatible with version 0.5 and above.
This patch is not provided by RoyalCandy


- Copy this "Patch" folder
- Paste to NoMoreSecrets/game

- Copy this "Patch" folder
- Go to your "No More Secrets" file and right click
- Show Package Content
- Contents/Resources/autorun/game
- paste the folder there

If the installation is correct you should see a heart on the right corner in the menu.

This patch will add an event between Jeane and Brian. To trigger the event you
need to go to her room when Phill is not home and click on the key

Episode 1:
- between 12:40 and 14:00

Episode 4:
- 07:55 when she's in the bathroom
- 19:25 when she's in the kitchen
- 20:30 - 21:00 when she's in the livingroom

Episode 5:
- 18:10 - 20:10 while she's in the bathroom

*** IMPORTANT ****
Make sure you find out the secret before episode 6

Download v0.2 Patch