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You're a normal guy who shares an amazing night with the girl of his dreams: arguably the most attractive girl in town. But after being chased out by her unhinged father things take a tragic turn... leaving you in a coma for close to a decade and wiping much of your memory - including your memory of that fateful night. After several years of rehabilitation life eventually returns to normal... but lewd dreams of a girl you have no memory of haunt you... that is until one day when three spitting images of this "dream girl" show up at your doorstep... and they're your... your...

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Content Changed

***True Edition: Enables the "fully-uncensored version" of Radiant, which modifies the base game and adds more risqué content.
***Taboo Edition: Enables the "partially uncensored version" of Radiant, which modifies the base game and adds incest.

For True Edition ONLY (no incest): Extract 'game' folder to Radiant. Navigate to 'game' folder. Delete patch.rpy and patch.rpyc.

For Taboo Edition ONLY (no hardcore content): Open the RAR, double click 'game' folder. Drag patch.rpy and place in Radiant's 'game' folder.

ANDROID USERS: This patch will NOT work. You must download the pre-patched game, usually labeled → 'Radiant-0.1-TabooEd.apk'

Patch Instructions

"True Edition" Installation:
Step 1. Extract files
Step 2. Copy the "game" folder
Step 3. Navigate to "Radiant" folder (already contains "game" folder)
Step 4. Paste new "game" folder
Step 5. Overwrite if prompted

**True Edition is *not* universal. If you encounter missing images, ensure you're using the latest version of the patch.
**Taboo Edition included in True Edition, no extra steps or downloads needed.
**True Edition now available and recommended for v0.5.2.

Download v0.5.2 Patch