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The Intern

note: not sure if this patch is necessary >_>
was told to submit just in case staff wanted there to be a censored version of the game.

You are stressed. Sales are down for the second month in a row. But Britt walks into your life carrying a coffee and an unlimited supply of cute optimism. What will she do to help you de-stress?‚Äč

Content Changed

Enables teen and loli dialogue modes to be selected when you start a new game.

Patch Instructions

Move the "theintern_uncensor_patch" file into your "TheIntern-0.3-cen-pc/game" folder.

Right click your TheIntern app -> Click "Show Package Contents" -> Open the "Contents/Resources/autorun/game" folder -> Move the "theintern_uncensor_patch" file into that folder.

Instead of downloading the patch, you need to download and install the uncensored version of the game that already has the patch installed:

Download Ch. 1-3 Patch